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Case Study:
SeceuroGlide Roller Shutter Door 


Our customer contacted us as he wanted to upgrade his original up and over garage doors to a product that was easy to operate and provided additional security for his collection of classic cars.

Our Solutions

Following completing a survey our solution was to remove the customer’s original garage door and replace them with a new reliable, fit for purpose garage doors to keep the garage secure whilst being easy to use.

We suggested that the SWS SeceuroGlide Roller Shutter Door would be the best option for the customer. As the garage had alternative access at the rear of the garage there was no requirement for battery back-ups and/or overrides, as the garage could still be accessed.

The Result

Following the installation of the SeceuroGlide Roller Shutter Door the customer was extremely happy with the doors, commenting on how he now had peace of mind that his classic cars were now safe from intruders. With the additional features of the safety edges it also ensures that there is protection against injury or damage should the door hit an obstruction.

The installation was completed within a day meaning that the customer was not left trying to store his classic cars in an alternative location whilst we worked.