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Case Study:
Conversion of manual garage door to electric


Our customer from Liverpool contacted us as he had not longed moved into a new build property and wanted to use his garage more. He currently had two single Hormann Sectional Doors fitted however, he found the manual operation of the door a little difficult and in the winter he did not want to be standing in the cold to open the door leaving his car unattended on the driveway while he did so.

Our Solutions

We suggested that by fitting a NRG Motor and Boom we would be able to convert the manual operated door into electric. Meaning that the customer could open his garage door using a remote as he waiting in the warmth of his car.

With the provision of 2 remotes it also meant that the customer and his wife could each have a remote without the requirement or cost of ordering additional remotes.

The Result

The customer was extremely happy with the conversion of his manual garage door. With the installation of the motor it meant that he could now easily operate the door without any manual lifting. With winter fast approaching he was also pleased that he could open his garage door from the comfort of his car, thus reducing the risk of his car being stolen.

We synchronised the 2 remotes meaning that either remote would operate the two single garage doors, which now opened in synchronisation with each other.